1. Do you provide healthy choices?
Durham Vending has a wide variety of choices that are healthy.

2. What does it cost to have a vending service?
The machines and service is free of charge. You provide the electricity.

3. Do I have to sign an agreement?
An agreement is signed to protect both parties

4. How many people do I need for a vending service?
Call us. Our products can be customized to meet your needs.

5. What happens if I loose my money in the vending machine?
Our machines come with sure-vend. They are the newest and best quality machines in the business.

6. What is your service call time?
If service is needed, call Durham Vending directly at 905-706-2268, 24/7. Customer service is very important to us.  You can also email us or complete our on-line service request form.

7. Could I have a microwave, a cooler or a bill changer for my location?
Durham Vending provides these free of charge for your employees to use.

8. Do you sell used equipment?
Yes, we have a variety of good quality used machines and bill validators.  Please call 905-706-2268 to inquire about our current inventory.

9. Do you repair vending machines?
Yes, please call 905-706-2268 for a quote to repair your vending machine.